Spiritual offers, church

Take time – Let your soul breathe

St. Joseph convent is a place of peace and prayer.
Here one can let the soul unwind and reach peace with one’s own creative centre far from any day to day stress.

Berhard v. Clairvaux wrote to a friend:
“Who can do good by others, who does not do good by themselves? Think therefore: Be pleased with yourself.”

We therefore regularly offer the following in the meeting and spiritual practice house:

• Meditation evenings
• Oasis Days
• Individual spiritual exercises
• Reflection days
• Celebration of holidays

You can ask for our next meetings using the telephone number +49 (0)9181 / 4500 0


Open offers for young people

The St. Joseph convent is open for

• children
• youths
• young adults.

Current offers for adults, youths and children

The convent offers places for “Days in the convent” to learn about the community of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer.

Further information and applications to:
Sister Agnes Schmidt
Tel: +49 (0)9181 / 4500 0
Fax: +49 (0)9181 / 4500-5555
E-mail: JA.Jugend@web.de