Food & drinks - enjoy with body and soul

Good quality food and drink have always been part of monastic life. Our convent kitchen offers you regional specialities, from health foods to your own selection, chosen from a broad range of food.

We also recommend our special menu, for example the “Neumarkter Klostermahl” (Neumarkt convent meal), a dinner with spiritual impulses, which you can also book. Or meet for the convent brunch in our friendly dining room, or a proper snack in the “Wildbadkeller”.


Lunch (hot) as a buffetfrom € 13.50 per person/ day
Dinner (cold/hot) as a buffet from € 11.40 per person/ day
Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)   from € 25.00 per person/ day
Lunch boxfrom €   6.00 per person/ day