Experience Neumarkt


Discover Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz and what this over 850-year- old town at the foot of the Oberpfälzer Jura has to offer you! Today as well, Neumarkt is a place where ideas, entrepreneurial imaginativeness and cultural diversity meet. Visit the late Gothic town hall and stroll through the charming old town past comfortable cafés, eccentric guest houses and first-class restaurants. A first-class offer of culture and art makes Neumarkt a paradise for art enthusiasts.

Do you want to discover Neumarkt with a professional tour? No problem! Every first Sunday in the month up to 1.30pm you have the possibility to learn more about Neumarkt with a guided city tour. Everyone is invited for only €2.00 per person, no need for a reservation.



Wolfstein castle ruins

Learn the history of the over 800-year-old Castle Wolfstein. Since the middle of the 1990s, the association “Wolfsteinfreunde” (friends of Wolfstein) has carried out extensive excavations and renovations in the area of the main castle.

It is possible to make an exciting visit to the castle ruins all the year round. The friends of Wolfstein offer tours on Sundays during the summer months. Then even the 22m-high keep can be entered, from where you can have a fantastic panoramic view over Neumarkt and the surroundings.



Maybach Museum

A rare treat on the German streets and a symbol of absolute luxury and perfect automobile art: The Maybach!

In Neumarkt visitors can inspect at close range more than a dozen of these historical vehicles, popular with car enthusiasts: At the museum for historical Maybach vehicles.
If you are a car enthusiast or technology lover, the tour of the Maybach Museum will make your visit to Neumart something special. You will find the privately funded museum in the premises of the former express works, which still underlines the flair of classic engineering art. Visitors can expect to walk through the fascinating history of the car, where the technology and development is presented just as clearly as the characteristics of the historic Maybach.



A tour through the Neumarkt Lammsbräu

Learn the secrets of beer production at the Neumarkt traditional brewery and at the end test this special beer.

The company, founded in 1628, has been owned by the Ehrnsperger family since 1800. Since 1987, the brewery has produced drinks with raw materials from ecological farms; since 1996 all 14 types of beer have been produced in such a way, and in 1998 lemonade joined them.

For its ecological method of production, the Neumarkt Lammsbräu was distinguished in 2001 as the first brewery to be awarded the “Deutschen Umweltpreis” (German environmental prize).



Visit the people’s observatory

Learn amazing things about our universe or simply enjoy the magnificent spectacle created by the stars and planets. The Fritz-Weithas Observatory is about 250m east of the Wallfahrtskirche (pilgrimage church) on the Mariahilfberg near Neumarkt. The club members try to fill people with enthusiasm for astronomy with observation evenings, popular science lectures and films.

You can find further information on the website for Neumarkt: www.neumarkt.de